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Get your foot in the door with a deposit to guarantee one (or more) of these heritage birds for your table! The birds have been processed and are ready to be picked up. I only have birds under 9 lbs left, so if you anticipate having a smaller gathering, or a special family dinner, these birds will be perfect. Or, for a larger gathering, consider the advantages of more drumsticks and thigh meat to go around with 2 or 3 smaller birds!


The birds are priced at $10/lb and include the neck and giblets. The $50 is for the first 5 lbs of each bird, the remaining cost will be due at pickup. For example, you have a $50 deposit and you order an 8 lb bird, $30 will be due at pick up. 


After you place your order, I'll be in contact with you to schedule a pick-up or delivery time and date!

Deposit to Reserve a Turkey

SKU: 001
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